All About Drug Charges

The state as well as the federal level considers drug charges to be big offense and deal with it seriously. There are a number of drugs which are restricted and considered illegal, in both federal and state level. Such drugs include LSD, methamphetamine, club drugs, heroin, cocaine and more. These charges can even go to strict punishments, including long prison times. Along with this, the prosecutors also offer plea deal to the accused, to reduce their punishment, in exchange for some other help. That’s not all; there are certain states which also have strict rules against medical marijuana, thereby allowing doctors to prescribe it for important cases only. This is done mainly to protect patients from getting into marijuana related drug charge. Want to know more? Just visit this website.

Most of these drug charges handled at the state, local and federal level include cultivation/manufacturing, distribution/trafficking and possessing illegal substance. The state and the federal law mainly apply to the cultivation and manufacturing of some drugs. Now, cultivation mainly deals with growing, producing or manufacturing of certain illegal substances. Apart from that, manufacturing also refers to producing illegal drugs in laboratory. Some of these illegally manufactured drugs include Cocaine, Meth and LSD. Click here to read.

Even though most of the drug charges appear more or less similar, there are certain important things to know. When a person is charged of illegally delivering, selling or providing such drugs, they are even charged with distribution of these drugs. Additionally, illegal distribution of such drugs also results in drug trafficking charge. Looking at the local and state laws, illegal possession of drugs is one of the common criminal offenses. Go online and learn more.

Coming to the several types of drug charges, there are main types. For example, possession of illegal substances, especially drugs without any prescription is referred to as simple possession. However, possession charges are also of two types. These are actual and constructive possession.You can also read more here.

Family Law Teams Must Be Patient With Their Clients

Family law can be a very difficult, but important subject to tackle. The key is making sure that all parties involved are treated fairly. The dispute should not do permanent damage to the family structure, you want to be able to find the best attorneys that can help you through a difficult time.

Custody Agreements

Are you in search of a comprehensive custody agreement? It can be helpful to follow the link and find the best legal team to help you get the time that you need in order to remain involved in your child’s life. Divorce can be very hard on a child and you want to go online in order to find an attorney that can navigate you through the different legal hurdles that can arise, as well as different emotional hurdles as well. Family law is also about navigating the different issues in a given state, you want to go here in order to find an attorney that has the necessary amount of experience in your state.


Many divorce attorneys have to be aware that you may need them to broker a compensation agreement. You may get divorced, after being married to someone after twenty five years and feel that you are owed a certain level of compensation for the contributions that you made to the marriage. The compensation agreements are a big reason why you want to visit this website, taking the time to select a great legal team. The distribution of property and assets can be the largest point of contention, this should not be a surprise. A family law attorney must also make sure that both parents are involved in the process of making sure a child receives educational opportunities. The family law team that you find here may consider the funding of a college education to be one of the most important parts of a agreement.

Workplace Accidents

It’s the responsibility of your employer to protect you as well as inform you about safety and health issues affecting you. They additionally have legal responsibility reporting some incidents and accidents, pay you contractual or statutory sick pay when you are entitled to it and grant you time off due to work accident should you require it. You can click here to know more about this responsibility.

Recording an accident

Workplace accidents, which includes minor injuries should be recorded in employer’s “accident” book” and all employers-except for very small businesses-should keep an this type of book. Mainly, this is for the advantage of employees since it provides important record of what actually occurred in the event that you require off work or to later claim compensation. It also helps the employer see what is not right and take necessary action to stop future accidents. Follow the link to know more about this requirement.

Sick pay

In majority of cases, when you require time off since you have had some accident at work, you are going to have sick pay. The employer might have a scheme for settling more for the time off that’s caused by accident. He or she might decide in paying extra amount depending on what really has happened.

Making injury claim

If you have been injured in workplace accident and you think that your employer is the one at fault, you might need to make a compensation claim. Any claim should be made after some period after the accident, and you are going to require a lawyer representing you. When you are a trade union member, you might need to use their legal services. Or else, you should consult specialist personal injury attorney.

Some attorneys are going to take your case on “no win no fee” basis. According to law, your employer should be insured to cover successful claim. When considering suing your employer, note that the aim of legal damages is just to put you in the place you’d be had that accident not occurred, and not just about receiving free money. For more information, visit this website.

Family Law

Family is a major component of a society. It is quite refreshing when you have a close-knit family. However, there are instances where you are forced to look or consult a family lawyer. Some of these aspects are positive, for instance when working on a will while others might involve the marital challenges. You can click here are find out other reasons why you should consult a family lawyer. Due to the diverse nature of family law, it is important to be well versed with some of its aspects. You can visit this website and find out some of the facets of family law.

If you are looking for legal advice regarding family law, you can visit this website and find out some of the legal professionals in your location. Since these service providers have different financial rates, you can get more information regarding various charges when you go online.

Before settling for a legal expert, it is important to get information about certain aspects of the practice. The information herein will shed more light on some of the loopholes that you should avoid as well as the factors that you should consider.

In essence, understanding family law is an important step when it comes to family planning. As such, you should ensure that you work with credible professionals who will guide you through various steps in line with family law. You can visit this website and find out the key steps regarding various aspects of family law. With these steps, you will always be on the lookout on how to manage issues that require the intervention of a family lawyer.


A Minor In Possession Can Find The Proper Legal Team

People that do not want to see youngsters face too much trouble for a pot possession charge, should follow the link in order to find the best attorneys in the world that are able to deal with the different drug statutes. You need to go online and try to find the best possible legal team that can help a young person rebuild their life, head out on the right path. A minor in possession certainly deserves a form of legal representation. The minor in possession certainly does not want to lose any academic scholarships or opportunities that could come their way because of a drug charge.

People that want to focus on different aspects of the legal system are going to want to know how many grams of pot were in your pocket when you were busted. You have to be ab;e to make people optimistic about their future, it can be very important to make sure a juvenile arrest record does not follow you through life. Click here in order to find some great attorneys that can help make sure that the judicial system in your state treats you fairly, especially when it comes to the process of having your record expunged.

Work release programs can also be vital for a minor in possession. Follow the link in order to find the best attorneys that can help a juvenile establish a work record, particularly if you have spent a certain amount of time in jail. Young people should not be facing jail time, they should be focused on finding opportunities to make your life better. You want to be able to find a way to make sure that you can establish a solid reputation within your community. Visit in order to find the best attorneys that can help you understand the length of your sentence, severity of your punishment and work as a public relations firm on top of that.

Help at Hand in Times of Accidental Deaths

Accidental deaths due to another person’s mistake can cause havoc to the bereaved family. The mental, physical and financial anguish gets multiplied. In such events, it is highly advisable to seek the services of wrongful lawyers. The statistics of the state of Florida ranking 5th where unintentional injury surpasses homicide, suicide and illnesses is a shocker. Death lawyers perform a rather noble service to explore and obtain some sort of recompense for the tragedy of wrongful death.

Wrongful death lawyers

There are many wrongful lawyers listed in the directory. They can be accessed through their websites. They have furnished all important details including their qualifications, experience, and the list of the previous counseling done by them. Being on the internet, they can be contacted on a 24 x 7 operational platform. They are ethical; their prices are negotiable. The proof of their professional efficiency is reflected in the list of benefited clients. There is a noble aspect that the suffered family would be redressed to a certain extent and they would be grateful.

The process

Once the death is established as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, a wrongful death claim is filed. Wrongful death action is a civil action between individuals as compared to the criminal action when manslaughter or murder is involved. A demand for a reasonable compensation is made citing the money spent by the bereaved family on the medical and other expenses incurred.


The wrongful lawyers excel in the court preparations for the trials. Innovative courtroom exhibits are furnished to help the juries understand the complexity of the legal case. Computer simulations are presented. Lifelike medical illustrations and anatomical models are presented. In some specific cases, the lawyers prepare jury simulation for better preparation.

Types of wrongful death claims

There are several types of wrongful death claims that can be filed. Vehicle accident, negligence on the part of the staff in a healthcare setting, accidents in workplace, and defective drugs or drugs prescribed for unintended conditions.

Areas of practice

Areas of practice include Car/auto accidents, medical malpractice, personal injury (physical, mental and emotional) and plane crashes or aviation accidents. There are specialist lawyers with experience to handle these areas. You can go online for you to get more information. You may also click here.

Types of Child Custody

Child custody laws vary for each state. Click here to see the laws for your particular state. There are different circumstances surrounding child custody which help determine which parent has legal custody of the child. This is a difficult court battle for some parents, but knowing your child custody options from the start will help make tough transitions easier. There are a few types of child custody. Click here to see them all.

Physical Custody
When a parent is given physical custody, this means that they have the right to have the child live with them. There are a few states that award joint physical custody so that the time spent with both parents will be divided. This usually works out best if the parents live within close proximity of each other.

Legal Custody
Legal custody give the parent a right to make decisions about the child’s life and upbringing. Decisions about school and medical care are included in a legal custody. Court judges may award legal custody to both parents so that they can share that responsibility.

Sole Custody
Only one parent is awarded sole custody of a child. This is typically an easy decision for the courts if the other parent is proven to be unfit. Sole custody does not mean the other parent cannot still have joint legal custody and make decisions regarding the child. It just means that one parent has sole custody and is the primary caretaker while the other parent will get a schedule or agreement for visitation.

Joint Custody
In a joint custody ruling, both parents share the responsibility of making decisions in their child’s life. This is also known as shared custody. This is common in situations where the parents are divorced or separated. Click here to see some examples of joint custody arrangements.

You can go online for more information on the different child custody types, and schedule a consultation.

Work Injures That Allow You To Sue Outside Of Workers’ Compensation

Most states require all businesses to seek workers’ compensation insurance. With workers’ insurance, as opposed to filing a traditional lawsuit, the employee in question will be given a specified amount for any injuries that may have occurred on the job. The problem with workers’ compensation though, is that the insurance itself is in favor of the employers and as such, people who file a claim for workers compensation, typically don’t receive a large sum of money. But in some circumstances, you are able to sue outside of workers’ compensation whenever certain types of work injury occurs.

1) Toxic substances

In some instances, workers may be exposed to a variety of corrosive and harmful chemicals that can affect them for a lifetime. But, if you have been exposed to certain chemicals such as: asbestos, chromium compounds and radium, then this would fall under the toxic tort law and thus that is the type of lawsuit you could seek as opposed to workers’ compensation. For more examples of chemicals that fall under the toxic tort law, click here to read more info.

2) Defective Products

If a work injury occurs as a result of a defective machine that failed to do it’s job. Then you can sue the manufacturer of that equipment, if the manufacturer neglected to mention the dangers associated with the equipment.

3) Intentional Acts

Another circumstance that allows a worker to sue their employers for damages in an excess that they would not receive through workers’ compensation is if the work injury was on purpose. Read more online about a recent story pertaining to an employer who got sued for intentionally harming their workers, by visiting this website. Even though this is not the case for all states that require all business to seek insurance, in most of those states, they allow an employee to sue under these circumstances.

4) Third Party

In some instances, the injury may occur a a result of a third party. And while workers’ compensation may cover this, because of the fact that the injury occurred on the job, in a situation like this, alternatively, you can sue the third party instead.

Your Breathalyzer Defense Options

Every year millions of Americans are pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol and many of these people do not pass a breathalyzer test. You may think there is no defense for this, however, what you may not know is there are some breathalyzer defense options available to you. Below are the two main defenses you can use in court to for being over the limit of a breathalyzer test.

1. A Breathalyzer is Unable to Know the Difference Between other Similar Substances

A breathalyzer cannot tell the difference from ethyl and acetone alcohols, click here to learn the difference. There are many common prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that have these substances in them. Many of these products can range from chewing gum, daily mouth wash and other common breath fresheners. If you have diabetes you may have to take a prescription drug that has acetone which will also show up as a positive in the breathalyzer test. If you had any of these substances in your system, it will have screwed up your results.

2. Alcohol Levels in the Mouth and Lungs Differ

This is probably the most common breathalyzer defense that people use when fighting their DUI in court. There is no breathalyzer on the market that can tell the difference between the alcohol in your lungs and in your mouth. The amount of alcohol in your lungs determine how much is your blood. The amount of alcohol in your blood is what makes you drunk.

As you can see the breathalyzer is not a perfect devise. Their are thousands of people every year who are wrongly charged with a DUI, because of the inaccuracies of these devices. DUI’s can destroy individuals financially and emotionally. So don’t throw in the towel if you have received a DUI, make sure you write down all of the substances you have consumed in the last 24 hours, in order to build a good case in court. To find more information you can visit this website,, which will give you all the helpful information you need to build a stronger defense case.

Federal Criminal Law A-Z

Federal criminal law is a law of its own. It is different than any other law, and it is definitely different that regular laws in modern cities. Click here to learn more of a difference between federal law and state and city law.

All defendants all required to have an attorney when they enter federal court or they will be appointed an attorney. For federal matters, it is important to find the best attorney possible for the case. Visit this website to find a list of great federal lawyers in all regions.

Federal criminal law has rules that would not be understood by a common person. If a common person is in federal trouble, it is important for this person to get answers from professionals that know the federal law. Follow this link and get answers regarding federal law right online.

Every defendant in federal law has certain rights. It is important for defendants to know all of these rights before they even step into the courtroom. These rights could be violated without the defending even knowing it.

There are statutes of limitations for every federal crime. It’s extremely important for all offenders to know these statutes, because they could be wrongfully charged, and the case will have to be thrown out of court.

Every person that steps into federal court does not have to say one word while their case is going on. Click here to learn more about various ways a person can refrain from saying anything when they have a case in Federal court. This information will be accurate, and it will be of use in these modern times. The laws and rules change all of the time, so it is important to have reliable sources.

Unique Legal Ramifications Of Personal Injury Cases In Commercial Truck

Commercial truck drivers have to observe a strict code of State and Federal regulations. In addition, there are third party owners that might share the financial pay downs after an accident with a semi-rig. This makes a commercial truck accident unique in its personal injury cases. Cases like this might have a very different outcome of when compared to personal injury cases with standard vehicles.

The multiple defendant issue

Commercial trucks have to follow codes on the length of a Driver’s shift allowance without any rest, the limit on the truck’s cargo weights and quality control of the truck parts. These are just a fraction of the associated conduct regulations that are re-verified in the event of a commercial truck accident. Click here to know more of such regulation standards. For instance, suppose the accident involved a semi-truck driver’s negligence but also a faulty truck part. In this case, the driver and manufacturer of the part will share the blame. The exact proportions of how much each defendant has to pay will depend on their proportions of the blame. Since, this is rarely solved outside; you should expect such personal injury cases to go towards trial more often than settlement.

The Higher insurance limit – bigger settlement amounts

Commercial trucks have an imposed higher minimum limit on their insurances. In a standard personal injury case, the settlement is decided based on the defendant’s payment capacity or the maximum limit on their insurances. In case of commercial truck accidents, even in the event that the defendant carried the minimum limit amount the plaintiff will still have a larger settlement.

Higher time consumption

Commercial accident cases often run longer than standard vehicle accident cases, especially in multi defendant cases. However, the plaintiff might shorten the time by suing each defendant separately instead of together. These issues are based on the event that the semi truck was at-fault and the plaintiff suffered severe damages due to the accident. You can read more on examples of commercial truck accidents and personal injury cases on this website.

Help With DWI Charges

A DWI attorney can help you in many ways if you have received charges. When visiting this website, you can read more about the types of charges that you can receive. Some attorneys can help to get the charges lowered so that you pay smaller fines and avoid going to jail. If you have a case that is not certain based on how you received the charges, then there is a little more room for the attorney to help you get the charges reduced or dropped.

Whether this is your first DWI charge or you have a history of getting these charges, you can often count on assistance from the attorney in fighting for you. Click here for more information on the potential sentences for various numbers of charges that you might have. Visit this website to submit a request to meet with the attorney. When you meet with the attorney for the first time, you will discuss how you received the charges and what could happen when you go to court. Most attorneys will try to get the initial court date continued in order to have more time to go over the case and develop some kind of game plan. All of the information from the arresting officer is obtained. The file is looked over carefully to see if there is anything that could be in your favor. Any chemical evidence obtained would not be in your favor, but the attorney might be able to bring up questions about the operation of the tools used and if there were any malfunctions with the equipment. The attorney will look to see if the officer had a valid reason to pull you over. Your cooperation with law enforcement will benefit you in the case. You can click here for a detailed description of substances that are considered illegal when driving.

Learn More About Family Law

Family law is the area of law that regulates family-related and domestic issues, such as civil unions and marriages, partnerships, separations and divorces, adoptions, child abuse, and the like. Family law is, therefore, a central pillar in the life of a nation, affecting all its citizens one way or another. There are few things you will do in your personal life that are not covered in family law. Click here to learn more about the legislation. All these laws have a direct effect in what we, as individuals, can and cannot do, and what we should expect of others. In example, we are all expected to take care of our kids, not only because it is the moral thing to do, but because the family law imposes this duty on every parent. Failing to do so puts in motion the wheels of the justice system, and ultimately all the enforcement mechanisms at its disposal: social services, administrative fines, armed forces, and the prison industrial-complex, among others. Visit our website for more information.

Family law determines issues as person as who you can marry and when, when you can have intercourse with whom. We as individuals living in a free country enjoy much more freedom than most people in the World, but are still constrained by the limits imposed by law. In other societies, family law is much more strict, imposing a much more harsh set of moral values. In some Islamic countries, for instance, adultery is punished with execution, oftentimes by stoning. As you see, family law can also be cruel. That’s why we should all learn and defend our rights and be, as citizens, active part on the construction of a healthy, free and prosperous society. Please read more about this and other issues in our website. Follow this link to get to know more about family law!

Knowing Your Business Laws

Generally all laws are there to create standards for you and your activities. The only different aspect is where they are applied. For instance, there are business laws which are created to set standards for companies. Most transactions in business are under contract law mainly concerned with issues of uniformity and standards that are easy to abide by in any normal business course. Even though each business law differs according to the country, all of them act to reduce risks and uncertainties between parties entering into agreements. Visit Austin attorney Judson Sutherland

A business law always explains the minimum behavioral standards expected for any business from companies to sole proprietorships. However, the enforcement of these laws is in form of fines on companies. For the enforcement to be on a particular individual, it has to be proven. For example, you can only sue the chief officer if you have evidence that he/she had prior knowledge of the incident. Without the evidence, you can only get the company fined as the company cannot go to jail.

Laws Regulating Transaction of Securities

The world of legal practice is packed with so many areas of specialization. There are people who choose to specialize in criminal law others deal solely with civil cases. It all depends on what one is really interested in. Securities law is one of the most popular areas of legal practice nowadays.

Everyone is looking to invest in this or the other. There are laws and regulations that govern investment. Laws pertaining to securities deal with all details that are involved in investment- bonds and stocks. If these laws did not exist people could easily swindle each other through investment. All transactions involving securities are controlled by these laws. Visit Judson Sutherland’s blog on this!

If you are looking for an expert on matters of securities law you simply need to run a quick search on the internet. It is great to have some knowledge on the laws governing transfer of securities from one party to another. This way you will be able to make more informed decisions concerning any of these assets that you might be thinking of purchasing or even selling.

Let a competent Lawyer Help You Deal with Legal Issues

When searching for a law office, you ought to make sure that you will be dealing with lawyers who will do their best to provide you with the support and feedback you need. Such professionals can make all the difference in the world, regardless of the legal issues you are facing.

So, in case you are interested in talking to a competent lawyer, I suggest that you click here. That way, you will learn that there is a law office that is always ready to listen to your concerns and provide you with advice and possible solutions to your legal problems. For instance, immigrants can visit the website and see how the office’s skilled lawyers can help them with matters related to the immigration law.

In short, if you have any questions regarding the services of this law office, its official website is the place where you can get more information about anything that might be of interest to you.

Federal Criminal Law

Generally, federal criminal law prosecutes criminal cases which are vastly different from any other types of criminal offense. Typically, the rules of procedure for these cases are unbending, the charges are often complex and there is severe penalties. In addition to that, the Government does not spare any resource or expense in its attempt to get convictions and seizing of the most valuable properties of corporations or individuals that have been charged with the alleged commission or are under investigation for the federal crimes.

In case you are the target or a subject of a federal crime investigation, you have been charged with a federal crime, or either you or your corporation’s properties have been seized, it is necessary that you hire a serious, qualified and experienced federal criminal lawyer to represent you in court. Click here to visit a federal immigration lawyer.

There are several crimes prosecuted under the federal criminal law in United States. Examples of federal crimes include but not limited to; the bribery crimes whereby you may be charged for offering anything such as money, services, goods or information with intention to influence the opinions, decisions or actions of the taker. There is also the bank fraud crimes which involves engaging in an act or a series of activities with aim of defrauding money from a bank. Other examples of federal crimes include; computer fraud and hacking crimes, counterfeiting crimes, credit card fraud crimes, currency schemes crimes which involves the practice of speculating on the future currencies value.

There are also the embezzlement crimes, environmental schemes crime, extortion crimes, health care or Medicare fraud crimes, forgery crimes, insider trading fraud crimes, investment schemes crime, the insurance fraud crimes, money laundering crimes, immigration crimes, racketeering crimes, larceny or theft crimes, securities fraud crimes, computer crimes, counterintelligence crimes and the federal civil right violation among many other crimes. Visit the website of a federal criminal lawyer if you find yourself in this situation.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is a branch of law relating to the injury on a person’s body as opposed to destruction of property. Emotional harm is included in personal injury law. This term normally refers to the injury due to the negligence of the other party. The plaintiff suffers injury and has to be compensated by the party that is to blame for the injury. In legal terms negligence requires that everybody is responsible and does not put others at risk. Visit this site and read more on negligence.

Personal injury arises from road accidents, personal assaults, accidents at the workplace, during medical care and when using defective products. The party that has suffered injury is compensated in terms of money from the negligent party. The plaintiff is represented by an attorney on contingent fee basis. This is a percentage of the claimant’s compensation that the attorney gets only after a win in the case.

The case is to prove the defendant’s negligence caused damage on the plaintiff. After this is established, the defendant must pay for all the damage caused. Some injuries such as medical bills are easy to calculate. Others such as emotional distress may require experts to quantify. In addition punitive charges may be included to reduce careless conduct.

It may be necessary to sue additional parties such as the employer of a driver or nurse due to their relationship to the negligent party. The situation applies when that party is not in a position to compensate the plaintiff for his negligence. In the case of injury by a defective product, the manufacturer is sued for selling a harmful product.

In their defense, the defendants may argue that the plaintiff failed to use due care on their part. Their defense is that the plaintiff is responsible for the damage suffered. The defendant can also claim that the plaintiff was fully aware of the danger and put themselves into it willingly. A good example is injury during a sporting event. For more information visit this website.

Federal Criminal Law: Drug Charges

Drug charges can be separated into two fundamental groupings which are: possession cases or dealings cases. This article is particularly equipped for drug ownership cases.

You can think about the dissection as there are a few distinctive classes under the law. There are serious drugs, there is cannabis. Among the dangerous drugs there are cocaine, heroine and certain pills that incorporate Benzedrine in it. There are additionally hazardous medications, for example, methamphetamine.

If you are caught with drugs in America depending upon the state you are in you are in all likelihood going to be accused of a crime. The more dangerous drugs listed above are classified as class four (4) felonies and for cannabis it is a class six (6) felony.

You are probably wondering if you are reading this article what is going to happen to you because you were caught with a few prescription pills you shouldn’t have or an ounce of marijuana.

Essentially it relies upon your history. On the off chance that you have no criminal history then without a doubt you are going to be fined. Most states have a decent program for diversion and redirection basically is you go to classes, you do pill tests and after a certain measure of time the charge which has been differed gets released.

In the event that you have some other criminal offense crimes on your record you may not be as privileged. We have had a great deal of fortunes here with individuals with various previous convictions or a drug that falls outside of obligatory probation are still able to secure probation.

I find that in this day age even prosecutors comprehend that addiction is a sickness and as long as there is no exploited person or victimized people included in the wrongdoing they ought to be dealt with uniquely in contrast to different lawful offenses of the same specialized level.

This is not to say that you comprehend everything in regards to drug charges or even a huge part of that drug laws in America or your state however this article should be used as a guide or a framework where you can start your research.

Assault and Battery – Are These Offenses The Same?

The charges of assault and battery are frequently made together when a violent crime has been committed, as they are related in ways, and usually occur together. Despite this, they do have two distinctly different meanings, each of which come into question separately when a person has been charged with any kind of assault offenses. How these events occur, and how they relate to each other, are important parts of any violent crime case, and must be acknowledged in order to gain the best outcome for the defendant.

Defining Assault and Battery

Before any related violent crime can be officially charged, heard and then decided upon, the determination as to whether what took place constitutes assault or battery – or both at the same time – needs to be established:

Assault – Defined in most places as the intent to injure someone, this is a charge used when there is a threat of violence against a person, made by another person, and that threat is made in some way other than just verbally, and without there being actual, physical contact between the two. Committing criminal acts intended to cause fear in a person, threatening with a weapon without actually touching them, or sending threats through other channels are all examples of assault. With that intent, and a motive to make those threats, assault offenses  are charged as such.

Battery – As opposed to assault meaning no actual, physical contact has occurred, battery is the opposite, and is defined by physical contact made with the intent to cause harm. The three main stipulations that must be proven for battery to stand as a charge are the involvement of intentional touching and physical contact, proof that this touching is meant to cause harm, and proof that it is non-consensual. Engaging someone in a fight by throwing the first punch is battery, for example. Though the person acted upon does not actually have to become injured, the attempt to injure them still qualifies.

Assault and Battery Together

Most people are accustomed to hearing the phrase ‘assault and battery’ together, since more times than not, it happens together. Someone threatens, and then goes through with those threats, and there is the created situation of assault and battery. They also happen alone however, and carry separate penalties. In some state though, the charges have been combined to form their own category which receive an appropriate penalty based on the two actions together, having taken place during the same event. It can expedite the legal process, but it does not suffice for every occasion. When the crimes committed are severe enough, or otherwise warrant this, charges are still considered two different offenses.

Anyone accused of assault and battery should enlist the aid of an attorney knowledgeable in violent crimes for their defense. Working with someone who understands the intricate differences between assault offenses and battery offenses, and when they are likely to be assumed as separate offenses or one in the same, is essential for the most positive outcome in any hearing involving a violent crime.

Click here to read more about assault and battery charges.

Brief Points About Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers or motorcycle accident attorneys as they are commonly referred are specialists in civil cases that involve injuries to innocent parties and other mishaps. The personal injury attorney can help solve cases involving motor cycle accidents they either specialize in insurance services, auto accidents among other services. Most accident victims undergo traumatic experiences after their involvement in such accidents. In such an instance, the victim is liable to get a certain kind of compensation for the losses and injuries incurred during the accident. A personal injury attorney can be of great help in such scenarios, they are able to guide you through the entire law process.

There are important services that the personal injury attorney provides some of these include knowledge of the personal injury law, guide the victims through the entire process, and help them in gaining compensation. Some cases can be settled either out of court or in the courtroom, most liable people prefer the cases to be settled outside courtroom because of the money and time that could be used if the case is taken for hearing. The personal injury lawyers give the client a regular update on the progress of the case and how best they can handle the situation.

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What to do After a Truck Accident

If you are involved in a truck accident, obtaining a lawyer is a great idea.  Watch this video as Jesse Wojdylo explains what you should do after an accident.